EMILI: Early Medieval Irish Latinate Inscriptions

GAL-007. Templebrecan 7: Cross Slab

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Description: National Monuments Service Record Number: GA110-023026-. A small, rectangular cross slab, of limestone (w: 0.34 x h: 0.43x d: 0.06) decorated with a Greek cross with expanded terminals set within a double circle.
Text: The inscription above the cross follows the curve of the circle. Both the cross and the inscription have been executed by pocking with a small sharp point (Higgins 1987, 359).
Letters: The lettering is half-uncial. The minuscule H has wedge-shaped finials. The Es are in the open uncial form and both have extended horizontal strokes. In the first example this stroke forms a ligature with the following half-uncial T. The R is half-uncial and the N is minuscule with a flattish top (Celtic Inscribed Stones Project).

Date: Unknown.

Findspot: First mentioned in 1878 by Petrie (Celtic Inscribed Stones Project). This cross slab was also discovered at Teampall Bhreacáin ['Breacán's church'] (GA110-010001-) but the precise location and context do not appear to have been recorded. Teampall Bhreacáin is part of a wider ecclesiastical complex known as na Seacht dTeampaill 'the Seven Churches' (Monasticon Hibernicum Database).
Original location: Templebrecan (Teampall Bhreacáin), in the townland of Onaght (Eoghanacht), Inishmore (Árainn), Co. Galway, 53.145981, -9.777726.

Last recorded location: Now in the Ulster Museum, Belfast, having been acquired there as part of the Grainger Collection (Higgins 1987, 359). (Inv. no. BELUM.A1336)








Ceithernach 'member or leader of a ceithern'; ceithern 'a band of fighting-men' (eDIL). Attested as a personal name in the annals from the 8th to the 13th centuries (Index of Names in Irish Annals), including the obit in 773 of 'Ceithernach h-ua Erumono, abbas Cluana Ferta Brenaind' (abbot of Clonfert, Co. Galway).

Bibliography: Higgins 1987, vol. 2, 359, no.81 ; Macalister 1949, 7, no.537 ; Petrie 1878, vol. 2, 22, Plate XVI ; Waddell 1973, 23, no.18
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